2023-2024 Music Tuition Registration Form & Policy Agreement

Rules and Policies

๏ Please no drop offs of students in the school. Please wait in the waiting room until your child’s class starts and ends. The parents should wait in the waiting area and only be present in the class upon request by the teacher or the student.

๏ Tuition fee is due on the 1st week of every term (or half term). No late fees will be acceptable unless agreed and under the discretion of DEA MUSIC ACADEMY. Lessons and classes will be withheld if tuition is unpaid. DEA will only accept payments made for the full term or in two payments per term at the beginning of every half term in full by cash, cheque or bank transfer. If the monthly tuition is the only way you can afford the payments then the only way to accept monthly tuition would be through direct debit set up at the beginning of the year for the academic year. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS ACCEPTED. This has been an area that has caused a lot of difficulties for us and frustration for the teachers and the only way we can continue our work is to be firmer with our payment policies.

๏ Lessons can not be rolled from week to week, month to month or term to term. By the end of the year students have to complete 36 weeks of teaching. One week in every term will be a rehearsal week for the concert. The students will have part of their lesson as rehearsal for the public performance. These rehearsals will really improve the stage presence and help them conquer stage fright.

๏ Parent grants permission to DEA MUSIC ACADEMY to use parent’s/student’s image or likeness in any and all forms of media for commercial purposes, advertising, trade, or any and all other uses. Therefore, DEA MUSIC ACADEMY may use parent’s/student’s likeness and image on DEA MUSIC ACADEMY website or other advertising. Under no circumstance will DEA share information to third parties.

๏ We require 24 hours notice when canceling the lesson. Please note that we have two halves in every term and there is a Make Up week in every term. In every term the school allows only one week absence that can be made up during Make Up week. If for any reason you miss more weeks, we shall not guarantee make up for the lost lessons but you still have to pay for those lessons. If there are no lessons to be made up during make up week, there will be no teaching that week. No make up class will be given for the lessons not canceled in time. Absolutely no exceptions are permitted.

๏ If one of our teachers can not attend one of the teaching weeks, a substitute teacher will be provided for the class or a make up lessons will be arranged on the make up week. ๏ If your child misses more than two weeks of tuition in a term without giving a strong justification for this, they will lose the place in the programme, We can not guarantee their progress if they keep missing their lesson. There are extreme cases where exceptions will be made, including death in the family or ill health. However, no justification will be accepted for extended holidays or other logistic difficulties. In those cases the tuition will have to be paid in full and no make up provided.

๏ Missed group classes cannot be rescheduled. All group classes are paid at the beginning of the term (or half term). If your child misses one class those can not be made up and no reimbursement or roll over is provided. This way we can make sure those classes can happen and a constant number of students is maintained to ensure a balanced progress.

๏ We aim to prepare your children to pass grade exams, between one or two grades per academic year. You need to communicate and work with the teachers from the beginning of the year. DEA provides progress reports twice a year, at the end of the Autumn term and Summer term to evaluate the progress and emphasise the goals for the future. All tuition is tailor made according to the student’s age, ability and needs. All grade exams are decided by the teachers in conjunction with the parents and the office. DEA registers the students for the grading exams. The parents have to pay the relevant fees for the exam and any extra costs. We highly recommend enrolling your children to theory/aural classes to help preparation for the exams.

๏ All children have to attend the final recitals in every term. This is their exam where we get to evaluate their work and also make notes for the teachers. We need a written letter if your child will miss the concert with a solid reason for missing it. We shall try to have the dates of performances available at the beginning of the year so you can plan accordingly.

๏ If for any reason you need to withdraw from classes, you have to complete the session for which you have already paid and ensure you give us not less than 4 week’s written notice. If the lessons are stopped half way through the term there will be no reimbursement of fees paid for the term. This ensures the teacher will get paid for the number of hours committed that term. All communication regarding music lessons, schedules and contact with the teachers should be done directly through DEA Music Academy Office.

๏ We require that all teachers as well as students strictly respect the school’s policy.