Autumn Term 2020

First Week of School


Tuesday, 1st of September – 5th of September

Lessons in person

Monday, 7th of September

Half Term

Monday,19th-Saturday – 24th of October

Virtual Make Up Week

Monday, 26th of October – Saturday 31st of October

Second Half Term

Monday, 2nd of November- Saturday 19th of December

Last Day of School

Saturday 19th December

Autumn Term 2020

14 Weeks of Teaching

Spring Term 2021

First Day of School

Tuesday, 5th of January

Half Term /Make Up Week

Monday 15th February – Saturday 20th February

Second Half Term

Monday, 22nd of February – Saturday, 27th of March

Make Up Week

Monday 29th of March – Thursday 1st of April

Spring Time

11 Weeks of Teaching

Summer Term 2021

First Day of School

Tuesday 20th April – Saturday, 29th of May

Half Term/Make up Week

Monday 31st of May – Saturday 5th of June

Second Half Term

Tuesday 8th of June – Saturday 17th of July

Make Up Week

Monday 19th of July- Saturday 24th of July

Summer Term 2021

12 Weeks of Teaching

DEA teaches from three locations:

Charles Dickens Primary School SE1
Whitecross Community Centre- Peabody Estate EC1Y 12 Scovell Crescent, SE1